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Lifting - Moving - Inspecting - Testing - Storing - Loading - the list goes on for Smart Move Products solutions.

Smart Move Products specialise in improving efficiency and Health and Safety in the workplace.

Whether we are using our range of products or designing new specific solutions, Smart Move Products will bring to your company an advanced manual handing system that will focus on safety, efficiency and productivity.

Many companies Smart Move Products deals with believe that there is no more gain to be achieved, then they meet Daryn Murray, CEO and Solution Design Guru.

Daryn has achieved gains through his solutions for companies that not only meet the brief but that exceed their expectations. Many of Daryn’s clients respect the complexity of the process Daryn goes through to achieve simplicity in their work place.

Designing a solution for Smart Move Products is not where it ends. As a company we are focused on ensuring that all our clients successfully implement the solutions. After training staff on the solutions, Smart Move Products will prepare training videos and documents specific to your needs ensuring you can always update your training with existing or new staff.

Once your solution is in place we will carry out inspections on your equipment ensuring they always meet the design standards and warranty requirements.

Daryn Murray

Daryn comes from a background in one of the toughest physical industries, the shearing industry. He knows first-hand how working smarter and finding innovative ways of getting a job done more efficiently and safely is a top priority.

Daryn has run one of Southland’s most successful shearing companies, employing world champions and record breaking staff with two successful teams holding the 3 and 4 stand world records.

Thinking outside the square? Don’t hop in the square in the first place! Helping Daryn stay out of that square is his interest in diving, and he enjoys being in his favourite playgrounds of Fiordland and Foveaux Strait.

Design Team

We run a professional workshop for our design and prototyping, saving you from over-engineered solutions.

We have a ‘stick-man’ approach to our design: take it back to basics and look for a simple and affordable solution.

Where possible we favour ‘balance and gravity’ in our solutions because…

  • It is reliable,
  • It is free,
  • and the government hasn’t thought of a way to tax it (yet).

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