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Quick Smart Drum Clamp

Get a handle on your drums - get a clamp on the situation.

How do you safely and quickly move a heavy drum with no lifting attachment or handle? You get Quick Smart.

Quick Smart quickly and easily clamps to the drum, allowing for safe movement and placement.

See the Quick Smart in action in the video below.

Chose your model

Moving drums can be a complicated and dangerous business. Not only do they come in all shapes and sizes - sometimes you don’t always want move them vertically. 

We have added to the Quick Smart range with the new Quick Smart 180 - specifically for moving drums horizontally.

Contact us to find out about custom Quick Smart clamps for those awkward odd-sized drums. 

Product development

We developed Quick Smart in conjunction with the staff at Tumblar Products Ltd, Christchurch. They needed a solution to:

  • Move drums from a pellet
  • Lift drums to a mezzanine floor
  • Tip drums to dispense contents – see our Smart Tipper
  • Not exceed their 13.0kg manual handling weight limit

Note: patent pending 732881

 Key Features

  • A single operator can place the clamp on a drum - even if drums are touching
  • Eliminates the need to touch the drum
  • Drums can then be moved or placed using a forklift or hook
  • Allows staff to maintain the 3 metre rule around operating a forklift
  • WLL 400kg
  • Load tested to 1.5 tonne

See how the Quick Smart drum clamp works in the video below.

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