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Smart Gas Mover

Get hug-smart! Save your hugs for those who need them

The old bear-hug technique for moving gas bottles is a thing of the past.

You’ll strain muscles you didn’t even know you have - even your facial muscles get a workout!

Gas bottles are not only heavy, they’re also an awkward shape to try to move. Our Smart Gas Movers make the job easy and safe. See how they work in the video below.

Choose your model

We currently have two models to chose from - the original Smart Gas Move and the new 45 Gas Mover.

The Smart Gas Mover is not only found in the workshop. It’s also being used in the hospitality, food and delivery industries.

The 45 Gas Mover was designed in conjunction with commercial gas delivery drivers - for those in the business of moving large cylinders. 

Key Features for both models

  • No lifing required
  • Holder for a spray bottle to test for gas leaks
  • Holder for a spanner 

Key Features of the 45 Gas Mover

  • For moving large gas cylinders, such as those delivered to your home
  • Ergonomic design ensures the weight is on the equipment - not the operator
  • Versatile handle design gives the operator options for hand placement - whether you are pushing or pulling the Gas Mover

There are plenty of other options out there if you still want to bear-hug something. Watch out though - you might even get a hug back!

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