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Smart Mover Pro

Move large, heavy and awkward items with ease

Our Smart Mover has been a real game-changer for many workplaces – so we thought we’d make it even better with the Smart Mover Pro.

Smart Mover Pro gives you a safe and easy way to move drums, and other large, heavy or awkward items.

See how easy it is to use the Smart Mover Pro in the video below.

Key Features

  • Unique foot brake that locks the wheels, but also places your body weight behind the load for better balance and control
  • Rides well over uneven surfaces
  • Easily loads on and off a pallet
  • Customised base plate available - making your job even easier! 

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“We’ve been using the Smart Mover for 6 months and our drivers love it, particularly for shifting full drums which can be an awkward job.

The balance is perfect and it takes all the strain and hassle away. You can even walk it along with one hand!”

Corey Price, Operations Manager, Central Southland Freight

“You have designed a beautifully balanced product to allow the drums to be moved easily, using an upright body position.”

Jane Llyal, Occupational Therapist NZROT, Read more…

“…your product design has a number of advantages which will contribute to managing injury risk when handling heavy drums…”

Jeff Walker, Physiotherapist Central Physiotherapy, Read more…